Address campsite
Stora strand lägergård 320
66297 Ånimskog

Address office
Aaltenseweg 11
7021 HR Zelhem

T +31 6 82006340


GPS E 12° 29.733′ N 58° 56.674′



For real backpackers, Åmål can of course also be reached by train. There is a train station in Åmål with good connections.


You can fly cheaply by plane via Airport Rygge, just across the border from Norway, more than 2 hours from Betteld Sweden. You can also fly via Gothenburg, which is also a two-hour drive from the campsite. The advantage of this airport is that it is well signposted and centrally located.


The directions are very convenient to view on Google Maps: destination = Sandbol, Amal, SE. From Sandbol there are signs to Betteld Sweden.

There are several ways to drive. Depending on your place of residence in the Netherlands, the distance is approximately 1100 to 1250 km. You can continue over the bridges in 1 trip, but it is also nice to interrupt the journey twice with the ferry via Puttgarden and Helsingborg. Puttgarden is an hour’s crossing, Helsingborg fifteen minutes. The tolls of the bridges and the combined costs of the crossings are approximately the same.

If you want to take it a bit easier with the kids, you can also choose to spend the night in Copenhagen. On the afternoon of the first day of travel you can go for a lovely swim at the city beaches of Copenhagen (exit 16, airport). The second day is a real travel day with approximately 5 hours of travel time.

Other crossing options are from Kiel (night boat) and from the north of Denmark.

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