This is us!

The Betteld Sweden became part of the Betteld Group in 2023. Gerhard Hobelman then took over from Vincent and Elma van Willigen. They have run this campsite for 12 years.

The campsite was previously Oase Stora Camp and has always had a Christian identity. The Betteld Group continues this.

Erna & Rogier

We, Rogier 47, Erna 50, Elody 16 and Nynke14, have never done it before, but we think we can!

Two years ago God said to us, ‘Sweden is where I want you’, so we went to Sweden on holiday. We fell in love with the country. Dreams were born, we went home crying, because home didn’t feel like home anymore. What happened and what are we going to do? There were a lot of question marks.

God said: ‘the moment you can go to Sweden is the moment a buyer of your house knocks on your window’. So we relied on that. And sure enough, in December 2023 there was a knock and the sale was closed.

Three days later we received a call to manage a Christian campsite in the summer, close to the area that was already so familiar and loved to us.
Screaming on the couch with our family, shouting ‘we can do this as a family!’ We immediately wrote an email. A few days later our family sat around the table with Gerhard, Herman, and Marina.

Now the time has almost come, we have been able to buy a house 30 minutes from the campsite. We are finally going to emigrate. Super exciting, but with confidence we go 100% for and with Jesus. In the coming months we will put together a wonderful team to prepare the campsite for the season and set up a great program, so that you as a family can come and enjoy what Sweden has to offer at the campsite without any worries.

Betteld Sweden is located in Dalsland, a part of Sweden that you will thank God for.
We look forward to your arrival!

Herman de Weerd

My wife Marina and I have been involved in this beautiful work for a number of years. We may use the talents that our Great God has given us to Bless all our guests. Together with our enthusiastic team, we try to provide you with a wonderful stay, where you can grow in faith, find peace and experience God’s closeness.

Gerhard Hobelman

My name is Gerhard Hobelman. Since I was 14, I have been involved in the founding and running of the Betteld. It is our desire that the Betteld Group branches are beautiful oases with spiritual impact. Places of relaxation, enjoyment, education, prayer, worship and meeting. Meeting with each other and also with God. We are grateful for the wonderful work that Vincent and Elma van Willigen have done here for twelve years and we will do our best to continue to flourish with our team in the same way.

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